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Keruna Women's Voices II


Keruna Women's Voices



Women's Voices II

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Keruna Women's Voices II

There is a door.

You can open it
or keep it closed.

If you open it, you don't know what you may find.


A pulsing heart, a russtling tree, a shooting star?

You may meet yourself,
or another.

It may bring you joy, tears
or shivers.

It may enchant you
or not move you at all…


You may set out on an journey
or just take a glimpse
into that small world,
that endless universe,
behind the door.


You don't need to knock.
There is no need for a key.
The door is open…



Keruna Women's Voices 

We had a dream...

...that, by singing, we could change the world a tiny little bit.

...that we could touch people's hearts in such a way that they would go on a quest for life's mysteries.

...that, for a single moment, they could feel the pulse of the Universe, within themselves and beyond.

So here it is, our dream.Manifested onto a disc, as round as life's cycles and Earth itself.It has a booklet with the lyrics, so you can easily sing along!

We hope you enjoy it. To the fullest. That's what we did!



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